Types of Gardening

GreenhouseThere are many types of gardening, including indoor gardening of houseplants within a building or residence.

It can be done in a greenhouse or a conservatory or just in clusters near sources of light. Water gardening is concerned with the growing of plants that have adapted to ponds and pools. Bog gardens are types of water garden. Simple water gardens may involve only a single tub or container containing water and a few plants.

Container gardening is a type of gardening associated with growing plants in smaller containers or pots. This can include planters and hanging baskets.

Container gardens are generally associated with roof tops, patios, balconies or atriums. Container gardens and other types of gardens are different from farming with respect to scope and purpose.

Farming is done on a much greater scale than gardening and the general purpose of farming relates to the production of saleable goods that are eaten or used by a large number of people.

There is some overlap in terms, particularly in that there is such a thing as market gardening in which a gardener sells some of his or her produce in a market environment. Another variant is community gardening, in which plots are offered to urban dwellers which feed many families.

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