Gardening history from a necessity to a hobby

The activity that developed out of a basic need, several ages ago, developed into what was possibly the first leisure activity known to humans, gardening.

Also gardening was the agriculture of previous times, nowadays gardening has taken several directions:

  • Recreational gardening
  • Botanical Science
  • Horticulture and the commercial ventures of farming.
  • Art such as Japanese Gardens

These different kinds have consequently ended in creating the number of trades necessary to maintain the ‘garden’. Enterprises such as *} factories to manufacture the whole lot from the most basic garden trowel, to the mammoth harvesting and processing contraptions put to use in commercial farming.

So, though this write-up may strive and include all of those areas, I will confine it to the most commonly recognized face of gardening as a hobby. Here too, I will merely cover the basic preparatory features and in subsequent articles, expand into further specific areas.

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