How to Start a New Garden

Making your first garden should be fun. Maybe the best advice would be to start small.

You may have visions of wild flowers, colors, or tomatoes, but you’ll have to get your feet wet first.

Possibly, the most general goal of the hobbyist gardener is to create something of splendor that will present pleasure to themselves and to others. Place your garden where you’ll enjoy and see it the most often. This will add some motivation to do more gardening.

Even though it is not totally mandatory to be a specialist, some rudimentary information has to be procured to produce a good end result.


You will, for a fact be required to know which plants are suitable for your characteristic climate, together with the kind of soil and the terrain that is present in your garden location. You must understand too what plants are grow in shady locations, partly shaded, or full sun regions. This know-how is easily procured from the many manuals that are available these days from your neighboring bookstores or library. The World Wide Web also is a quality source of knowledge for the hobby gardener.

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